Aluminum Boat Transom Repair

The transom is the rear hull part of the aluminum boat that is connected to the stern. It is usually made with heavy metal plates and is one of the thickest parts of the boat. It is either made flat or with a slight curve and can be made vertical or with a slight slant that will set it away from the boat.

This part is important when trying to spread power to the entire boat. When it is moving the transom will take in the energy from the motor and distribute it to the rest of the boat. This help it to move quickly and seamlessly through the water and why it is so strong.

When repairing the transom on a boat you must first remove the old one. It is easiest to use a hammer or crowbar to help pry the nails out without damaging the hull. Around the transom is the hull plating – which must be removed. This will help you to determine whether or not he framing is sound.

If it is damaged then you need to measure the part of the transom framing that needs to be replaced. After removing the damaged area you will be able to replace it with the new pieces. Make sure to use the right screws which will help to keep it in place and also set down a plywood sheet on top of it.

Get inside of the boat and use a special marker to trace the outline of the hole on the side of the plywood sheet. You will need to mark the kerf line which will be the new inside panel for the transom.

Take the plywood out and cut it to the appropriate size and dimensions. Place it back on again and use screws to keep it in place. Then use caulk on all of the seams. Repeat this step for the other side of the transom.