Painting Aluminum Boats

Aluminum is a very durable material – but it can be hard to paint it. Manufacturers of aluminum boats do many things to prepare the metal before they take any amount of paint to it. This is because the paint will adhere to the surface of it quickly – making it difficult for it to come off.

Most people will take their boats to a custom coater in their area so that they can give it the necessary conversion coating. If this is not something you want to do then you will need to know that the paint job will look fine – but not great. We have provided a few tips that will help you to paint aluminum boats – but please remember that they do not always work.

What To Do

You first need to prepare the surface of the boat by sanding it down and washing it. All contaminants must be removed. Use an acid etch wash primer and apply it to the aluminum. Please remember to follow the necessary directions on how to use it. The best primer to use is a grade two component epoxy primer. Make sure that you let it dry over night.

Once it is dry you can apply a two component polyurethane top coat. You need to make sure that the primer and polyurethane will mix well and are compatible. The employees at the paint store should be able to give you this information. If not contact the manufacturer.

When applying these two substances you need to be in a well ventilated area and wearing a mask over your nose and mouth. You should also wear protective gloves and coveralls. You can use an HVLP spray gun to apply these two substances to your aluminum boat – which are relatively inexpensive.

When you have finished applying these two coats allow them to dry overnight. Your aluminum boat will now be ready for you paint it. Make sure to purchase the right type of paint that will adhere to the boat.